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Hilo Vapor

What is Hilo Vapor?

Hilo Vapor is a company based in Hawaii and specializes in pod-based vaping that is super compact and portable. The product the company developed is called the Hilo. The Hilo can produce more vapor than most of the leading competitors in the vape industry. The battery also lasts almost double the amount of time than other mod products on the vape market. The Hilo is also lightweight and compact so the consumer can comfortably fit the Hilo in their pocket. The Hilo has five available flavors that come in the form of replaceable pods that attach to the Hilo. The five flavors include the h. one which is Mint, the h. two which is Sugar Cookies and Milk, the h. three which is Strawberry Milk, the h. four which is Fruit Juice, and the h. five which is Creamy Tobacco.

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