What is GTRS?

GaoMeiTe Technology Co., LTD, or GTRS for short, manufactures products for the vape industry. The headquarters is located in Las Vegas while the production plant is in Shenzhen. GTRS cooperates with Yihi, an Asian company who creates the best chips for vape products. The concept for GTRS is an innovation by combining current technology that advances over time. A lot of energy and money is spent trying to hiring famous designers. The designers that GTRS has hired have won over a dozen awards from Red Dot Design in Germany. The team focuses on an ergonomic design that brings a unique, attractive appearance. GTRS has the best core technology for their chips and have independent property rights. These property rights are supported with innovative and high-performance technology.

About GTRS Products

GTRS commits to providing high quality, excellent design, cost-effective, high-performance products. Here is a rundown of the products they produce:

Vboy200 Series - The Vboy 200w Mod comes in the colors silver, Red, Gold, Green, and Blue.

GT150 Series - The GT150 Box Mod comes in the colors Silver and Chrome, Black, Pink, and Rainbow.

Vboy222 Series - The Vboy 222w comes in the colors Blue and Red.

P222 Series - The P222 Box Mod comes in the colors Black, Bronze, Red, and Silver.

G-Mate Series - The G-Mate Pod Mod comes in the colors Red, Silver, and Black.

V12 RDTA Series - The V12 RDTA comes in the colors Stainless Steel, Black, and Gray.

GT200-II Series - The GT200 Box Mod is the upgraded version of the GT150 and comes in Black.

There are no products to list.