What is FreeMax?

FreeMax Technology Co., Ltd, or FreeMax for short, was established in 2013 and professionally manufactures and exports vaping hardware for electronic cigarettes worldwide. It is located in the city of Shenzhen in the Baoan district. Since the company started, FreeMax has gotten a fantastic reputation for their high-quality products, outstanding innovation, and excellent customer service. The company has developed multiple patented products that have had a big influence in vaping. The FreeMax Tank brought the vape world into the times of Sub Ohm. The company's world focus is researching, developing, and manufacturing healthy alternatives to smoking with devices. FreeMax strives on being a vape community leader by using the best manufacturing innovations and technologies to promote the awareness of vaping worldwide.

FreeMax Product History

In February 2015, FreeMax designed the first Sun Ohm that allows airflow adjustment. This was called the Starre Tank. In July 2016, the company launched the Starre Pure, the first Tank to have airflow control on the top having a coil that was Ceramic. In May 2017, FreeMax designed a new version of the Fireluke tank that had RESIN and Stainless Steel which broke glass forms from the past. The Fireluke Tank uses two performance types and is changeable on the glass tube that holds either 4ml or 5ml.

FreeMax Fireluke Tank

FreeMax's most known product, the Fireluke Tank, comes in multiple colors. These Resom version colors include Blue, Black, Red, Purple, Yellow, and Green. The Stainless Steel version colors include Champagne, Silver, Golden, Rainbow, Black, and Stainless Steel. Their other product is the Fireluke Mesh. The colors for Metal versions of the Fireluke Mesh include Gun, Blue, Silver, Rainbow, Golden, and Black. For the Carbon Fiber versions of the Fireluke Mesh, the colors include Silver, Purple, Blue, and Black. Then the Resin versions of the Fireluke Mesh come in either Red, Purple, Blue, or Black.

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