What is Flawless?

Flawless Vape Shop was established in 2013 and manufactures a variety of vape industry products. Here is a list of products the company develops:

Mods - i) Tugboat - This squonk box mod is developed in unique patterning and designs for every mod ordered. Every unit will vary.

    ii) Tuglyfe DNA 250 - This mod is designed in five Flag colors, five Kryptek colors, two dual colors, two stabwood designs, and one base color. The flag colors include Black/White Flag, Gold/Black Flag, Black/Black Flag, Teal/Black Flag, Red/Black Flag. The Kryptek colors include Green/Black Kryptek, Gold/Black Kryptek, Black/Black Kryptek, Teal/Black Kryptek, and Red/Black Kryptek. The dual colors include Pink/Green and Black/Red. The stabwood designs include Stabwood and Hybrid Stabwood. The base color comprises Black.

    iii) Tuglyfe Squonk - This mod is produced in three colors that include Black, Grey, and Polished.

Vape Pens - i) Tugboat V3 - This Vape Pen is manufactured in eight splatter colors and seven base colors. The splat colors include Blue with White Splatter, Blue with Grey Splatter, Blue with Red Spatter, Black with Purple Splatter, Black with Red Splatter, Black with White Splatter, White with Grey Splatter, and White with Red Blue Splatter. The base colors include Copper, Grey, Dark Red, Stainless Steel, Red, White, and Blue.

RDAs - i) Dinghy - This RDA is developed in three dual colors, two splatter colors, and two base colors. The dual colors include Black/Red, Black/Green, and Black/Blue. The splatter colors include Black with Tiffany Blue Splatter and Zombie Blood Splatter. The base colors include Stainless Steel and Black.

    ii) Flawless AF - This RDA is designed in four Splatter colors that include Red Pearl/Black Splatter, Blue Pearl/Black Splatter, Red Pearl/Blue Splatter, and Maroon Pearl/Black Splatter.

    iii) Tugboat 24 - This RDA is produced in three dual colors and two base colors. The dual colors include Red/Black, Green/Red, and Black/Gold. The base colors include Gunmetal and Black.

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