The History of Famovape

The intention of Famovape being established was simple, which was have more people experience the fashion trend of e-cigs. Famovape's founder had already engaged in selling vaping products during his time in the United Kingdom. His understanding of vape device functions and consumers who vape is excellent. While working in the UK, the electronic cigarettes were pretty much imported all the way from China. Though China is said to have invented electronic cigarettes, most vape consumers come from Europe and North America. E-cigs aren't just used to help someone quit smoking, but are also trendy gadgets that have a stylish appearance, electronic sound, and diffused smoke.

The vaping industry has various brands, but the design and product quality are not even, making it very difficult to tell the difference between bad and good. Even though e-cigs were invented in China and had been applied to the rest of the world, the appearance of products was not enough to affect the sales. Quality issues have caused the reputation of China-made products to be hard to improve. That's why Famovape's founder has been working extensively in the vape industry with the company's original intentions. In 2017, the whole founding team gave up high salary from other companies to attempt to create a sales company and vaping design. This company became what is known today as Famovape.

Famovape was created to search for healthier alternatives to smoking. Though the company is just starting, they are committed to guiding towards a new vape experience so all vaping consumers can enjoy the experience of vaping.

Products Developed by Famovape

One mod that is developed by Famovape is the 218W Bit Box. Some of the Atomizers they manufacture include the Fat Baby 25mm and the Yup RDA.

There are no products to list.