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What is Efest?

Efest is a company the manufactures chargers, batteries, and accessories for batteries. Here is a list of what Efest produces:

Chargers - i) Smart Chargers - The Pro C1 which charges ONE battery, the Pro C2 which charges TWO batteries, and the Pro C4, which charges FOUR batteries.

    ii) LCD and USB - The LUC V2 which charges TWO batteries, the LUC V4 which charges FOUR batteries, and the LUC V6 which charges SIX batteries.

    iii) Bluetooth Chargers - The LUC Blu4 which charges FOUR batteries and the LUC Blu6 which charges SIX batteries.

    iv) Intelligent Chargers - The SLIM K1 which charges ONE battery and the SLIM K@ which charges TWO batteries.

    v) Intelligent LED Chargers - The LUSH Q@ which charges TWO batteries, the LUSH Q4 which charges FOUR batteries, and the LUSH Q8 which charges EIGHT batteries.

    vi) Other Chargers - The LUC Mini which charges ONE battery, the Soda Dual which charges TWO batteries, and the Xsmart Single, which charges ONE battery.

Batteries - i) IMR 14500 Model - 650mAh 9.75A.

    ii) IMR 18350 Model - 700mAh 10.5A.

    iii) IMR 18500 Model - 1000mAh 15A.

    iv) IMR 18650 Model - 1600mAh, 3000mAh 35A, 2600mAh 40A, 2900mAh 35A, 3500mAh 20A, 2500mAh 35A, 2100mAh 38A, 2100mAh 30A, amd 3100mAh 20A.

    v) IMR 20700 Model - 3000mAh 30A, and 3100mAh 30A.

    vi) IMR 21700 Model - 3700mAh 35A and 5000mAh 10A.

    vii) IMR 26650 Model - 3500mAh 64A, 4200mAh 50A, and 5000mAh 45A.

Accessories - Other products Efest develops include an H2 battery case to hold TWO 18650 batteries, an H4 Battery Case that holds FOUR 18650 batteries, an H6 Battery Case that holds SIX 18650 batteries, a 10000mAh Power Bank called the EMP30 Type-C, and an 8000/12000mAh Power Bank.

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