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Buddha Juice E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Buddha Juice (Recipe) A sweet blend of Vanilla Custard, Bavarian Cream, Black Cherry, Blueberry, and Yellow Cake. Hi my..


Watermelon Bubblegum E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Watermelon Bubblegum (Recipe) A tasty blend of Watermelon and Bubblegum. Hi my name is Slim and I make the best E-Juice..


Very Berry Vanilla E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Very Berry Vanilla (Recipe) A delicious blend of Blueberry, Strawberry, Vanilla, Vanilla Custard, and Sweet Cream. Hi m..


Vanilla Swirl E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Vanilla Swirl (Base) A smooth blend of Vanillas. Hi my name is Slim and I make the best E-Juice there is. I use the bes..


Sweet Ocean Candy E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Sweet Ocean Candy (Base) A delicious treat that taste like Swedish Fish. Hi my name is Slim and I make the best E-Juice..


Sweet Dreams E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Sweet Dreams (Recipe)  A tropical blend of Cantaloupe, Orange Dream Bar, Watermelon, Strawberry, and Coconut. Hi m..


Strawberry Kiwi E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Strawberry Kiwi (Recipe) A delicious blend of Strawberries and Kiwi. Hi my name is Slim and I make the best E-Juice the..


Strawberry Cheesecake E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Strawberry Cheesecake (Recipe) A delicious blend of Cheesecake and Strawberries. Hi my name is Slim and I make the best..


Smooth E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Smooth (Base) A smooth taste.  Great for adding to tobacco to make it light and smooth. Hi my name is Slim and I m..


Insanity Cloud E-Liquid

Insanity Premium Cloud E-Liquid A crazy blend of Raspberry, Nectarine, and Watermelon.       If ..


Honeydew E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Honeydew (Base) A delicious, cool, refreshing, and sweet vape. Hi my name is Slim and I make the best E-Juice there is...


Frosted Donut E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Frosted Donut (Base) A deliciously sweet Fosted Donut taste, like you went to the local Donut Palace at 5 when they open a..


Ecto Cool E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Ecto Cool (Base) Ecto Cool is a sweet and tangy vape, with hits of Orange, Tangerine and sweet and sour candy. Hi my na..


Cinnamon Churro E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Cinnamon Churro (Base) A nice blend of Cinnamon and Brown Sugar.  May need a little sweetener. Hi my name is Slim ..


Cantaloupe E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Cantaloupe (Base) A refreshing taste of melon. Hi my name is Slim and I make the best E-Juice there is. I use the best ..


Birthday Cake E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Birthday Cake (Recipe) Blow out the candles for the sweet combination of Vanilla Cupcake, Yellow Cake, Whipped Cream, an..


Red Apple E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Red Apple (Base) Our sweet and delicious apple tastes like biting into a fresh red apple just as juicy and delicious as th..


Pecan Pie E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Pecan Pie (Recipe) A classic blend of Butter Pecan, Graham Cracker, Brown Sugar, Kentucky Bourbon, Vanilla, and Sweetener...


Orange (Natural) E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Orange (Natural) (Base) A nice smooth juicy Orange Vape.  Straight from the tree without the peeling. Hi my name i..


Master Base of Tobacco E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Master Base of Tobacco (Base) The Master of tobacco!! Hi my name is Slim and I make the best E-Juice there is. I use th..


Hard Candy E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

 Hard Candy (Base) A wonderful base candy taste.  Try it with Strawberry, Watermelon, or Green Apple. Hi my n..


Fruit Medley E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Fruit Medley (Recipe) A fruity blend of Cherry, Blackberry, and Blueberry. Hi my name is Slim and I make the best E-Jui..


El Duder Premium E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

El Duder Premium E-Liquid60/40 PG/VG Blend An amazing mix of Kentucky Bourbon, Coconut, Toasted Almond, Vanilla, Mada..


Cereal Killa E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Cereal Killa (Recipe) A delicious blend of Crispy Rice, Fruit Circles, and Sweet Cream. Hi my name is Slim and I make t..


Berry Blast E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Berry Blast (Recipe) A mix of Cherry and Blueberry with a touch of menthol.  Hi my name is Slim and I make the bes..


Bavarian Cream E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Bavarian Cream (Base) A deliciously rich and creamy vanilla flavor based on the classic swiss desert.  Similiar to a ..


Banana Split E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Banana Split (Base) A wonderful blend of Banana, Chocolate, and Vanilla.  You can have your ice cream and Vape it too..


Apple Pie E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Apple Pie (Base) A wonderful Apple Pie flavor! Hi my name is Slim and I make the best E-Juice there is. I use the best ..


Amber Dragon E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Amber Dragon (Recipe) A delicious blend of Butterscotch, Root Beer, Cream Soda, and Salted Caramel. Hi my name is Slim ..


Amaretto E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Amaretto (Base) It is a sweet and smooth almond liqueur. Hi my name is Slim and I make the best E-Juice there is. I use..


Allen Wrightbeard E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Allen Wrightbeard (Recipe) An amazing mix of Jamaican Rum, Cream Soda, and Root Beer.   Hi my name is Slim and I m..


Strawberry Daquiri E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Strawberry Daquiri (Recipe) A delicious blend of Jamaican Rum and Strawberries. Hi my name is Slim and I make the best ..


Southern Caramel Apple Pie E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Southern Caramel Apple Pie (Recipe) A delicious blend of Salted Caramel, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Sweet Cream, and Apple Pi..


Rainbow Fruit Candy E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Rainbow Fruit Candy (Base) Hi my name is Slim and I make the best E-Juice there is. I use the best quality ingredients and..


Pear E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Pear (Base) Tastes like a freshly picked ripe, sweet, and juicy Pear Hi my name is Slim and I make the best E-Juice the..


Lavender E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Lavender (Base) Has a sweet fragrance.  Has a sweet, floral flavor with a touch of lemon and citrus notes. Hi my n..


Key Lime Pie E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Key Lime Pie (Recipe) A sweet blend of Key Lime, Cheesecake, Bavarian Cream, Graham Cracker, and Whipped Cream. Hi my n..


Kettle Corn E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Kettle Corn (Base) A tasty caramel covered popcorn vape.  Straight from the kettle! Hi my name is Slim and I make ..


Iced Tea E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Iced Tea (Base) A light and refreshing vape.  Capturing the mild taste of lightly sweetened black tea and a hint of l..


Honey E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Honey (Base) A rich, aromatic, and sweet Vape. Taste like fresh honey collected by local New Orleans honey bees. Hi my ..


Fruity Rice Cereal E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Fruity Rice Cereal (Recipe) A delicious blend of Sweetener, Milk, Fruit Circles, Caramel Candy, Graham Cracker, Vanilla, a..


Crispy Rice Treats E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Crispy Rice Treats (Recipe) A sweet mix of Cripsy Rice, Marshmallow, Sweetener, and Sweet Cream for that amazing tre..


Cotton Candy Premium E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Cotton Candy Premium E-Liquid60/40 PG/VG Blend A delicious sweet taste like you just had it made at the local carniva..


Coffee E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Coffee (Base) A strong black Coffee taste.  Goes good with Caramel, Sweet Cream, or Whipped Cream. Hi my name is S..


Coconut Cream Pie E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Coconut Cream Pie (Recipe) A sweet blend of Coconut, Vanilla, Sweet Cream, Sweetener, Dairy, and Graham Cracker. Hi my ..


Cinnamon Fire Whiskey E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Cinnamon Fire Whiskey (Base) A nice kick of Cinnamon and Whiskey.  Taste like Fireball Whiskey. Hi my name is Slim..


Chocolate Mint E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Chocolate Mint (Recipe) A wonderful blend of Milk Chocolate and Peppermint.  Taste like andys or mint chocolate chip ..


Butter Cream E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Butter Cream (Base) A sweet icing/filling taste.  Like the icing on a cake. Hi my name is Slim and I make the best..


Blueberry Candy E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Blueberry Candy (Base) More of a candy flavor rather than a natural blueberry flavor. Hi my name is Slim and I make the..


Blackberry Mojito E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Blackberry Mojito (Base) Mojito is Cuba's most famous cocktail.  A nice blend of blackberries, mint, and rum muddled ..


    Here we have a large range of flavors categorized by flavor type. If you are looking for something in particular use our search option. Otherwise, take a look in our categories. 

E-Juice Flavors

One of the first thoughts of someone who begins vaping e-juice is what Flavor to buy for their hardware. There are almost endless possibilities for the types of flavors that can be purchased around the world. Some questions consumers might ask could be what Flavor they should buy, which flavors are harsh or smooth, etc. Here at Slim's E-juice, we offer around 400+ flavor and flavor combinations to satisfy any consumer who comes to visit our store. We have four main categories of vape juice that include E-juice Flavors, Slim's Signature Mixes, Premium E-liquid, and Cloud E-liquid.

Basic E-Juice Flavor

In our E-juice Flavor category, comprised of vape juice flavors, there are six sub-categories which include Candy, Drinks, Fruit, Sweet Things, Tobacco, and Everything Else. In the Candy sub-category, the top ten flavors include Butterscotch Candy, Cotton Candy, Black Licorice, Peppermint Candy, Cinnamon Candy, Bubblegum, Caramel Candy, Hard Candy, Rainbow Fruit Candy, and Blueberry Candy. In our Drinks sub-category, the top ten e-juice flavors are Grape Soda, Pink Champagne, Blue Ice, Root Beer, Jamaican Rum, Pina Colada, Absinthe, Fuzzy Navel, and Amaretto, and Lemonade. Our top ten vape juice in the Fruit sub-category include Strawberry, Blueberry, Watermelon, Peach, Grape, Cherry Berry, Banana, Green Apple, Wild Cherry, and Mango. The top e-juice flavors in our Sweet Things sub-category include Cinnamon Roll, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Vanilla Cupcake, Honeysuckle, Butter Pecan, Salted Caramel, Banana Nut Bread, Irish Cream, French Vanilla, and Orange Ice Cream Bar. In the Tobacco flavored vape juice sub-category, the top ten include Cowboy Blend Tobacco, RY4 Tobacco, Turkish Tobacco, Tobacco (plain), Coumarin Pipe Tobacco, Cuban Cigar, Red-Type Tobacco, RY4 Asian Tobacco, Clove, and Virginia Fire Cured Tobacco. The Everything Else sub-category covers flavors that don't necessarily fit in with the other. The top ten e-juice flavors include Menthol, Extreme Ice, Unflavored, Hazelnut, Creme De Menthe, Butterscotch Ripple, Cinnamon, Graham Cracker, Spearmint, and Coffee.

Slim's Signature Mixes

Slim's Signature Mixes are vape juice flavors that consist of a mixture of our base e-juice flavors. This category also has six sub-categories that include Bakery, Candies, Creamy, Fruity, Tobaccos, and Other. In Slim's Signature Bakery sub-category, the top vape juice flavors include Coconut Cream Pie, Strawberry Cheesecake, Monkey Fart, Drunken Turtle, Snickerdoodle, Banana Cream Pie, Badger Grease, Birthday Cake, Lemon Bars, and Key Lime Pie. In the Candies sub-category under Slim's Signature Mixes, the top ten e-juice flavors include Grape Bubblegum, Blueberry Cotton Candy, Pink Star Slam, Geeks, Watermelon Bubblegum, The Kerby, Grateful Bears, Grape Pixies, Sour Candies, and Slims Apple Caramel Sucker. In Slims Signature Creamy vape juice flavors, the top ten include Unicorn Milk, Angel's Milk, Godfather, Strawberry-Horchata, Vanilla Milkshake, Orange Julio, Banana Pudding, Butterscotch Custard, Buttery Nipple, and Wolverine. In the Fruity section of Slims Signature Mixes, the top ten e-juice flavors include Beetle Juice, Mermaid's Tears, Blue Raspberry, Strawberries and Cream, Smurfed, Strawberry Banana, Unicorn, Tropical Sensations, Berry Patch Honey, and Fruit Medley. In the Tobaccos sub-category of Slims Signature Mixes, the top ten vape juice flavors include Vanilla Tobacco, Redboro Tobacco, Carney 4, Mad Cowboy, Law Man, Cigar Sweets, RYInfinity Tobacco, Westward Tobacco, Kamule Tobacco, and Applewood Tobacco. The top ten e-juice flavors in the Others section under Slims Signature Mixes include Caramel Butterscotch, Anti-Freeze, Waffles & Syrup, Castle Short, Nectar of the Gods, Butter Pecan Ice Cream, Root Beer Float, Cherry Limeade, Anise, and Mocha Frappe.

Premium and Cloud E-liquid

The final two main categories in Slim's E-juice online store are Premium E-liquid and Cloud E-liquid. Both types of products are put inside a high-quality glass bottle. The top ten flavors in the Premium line consists of Slim's Special, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Slim's Menthol, Rubber Ducky, Cowboy Blend Tobacco, Cinnamon Roll, Crusader, Extreme Ice, Cotton Candy, and Grape. In our Cloud line, the top ten vape juice flavors include Fountain of Youth, Jazzn Raz, Dragon King, Cyclops Treasure, Vial From Olympus, Insanity, Unicopia, Supernova, Siren's Tears, and King and Crown.


What are E-juice Flavors Made From?

E-juice, or what some may call it vape juice, is derived from Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), nicotine, and the Flavor chosen by the consumer. Some may order their vape juice with 100% PG and have no VG present or possibly order their e-juice with no nicotine and only have the PG, VG, and Flavor.

What Vape Flavors are There?

There are hundreds upon hundreds of vape juice flavors that exist for consumers to buy. On our website, customers will be able to find many varieties of e-juice flavors. Slim's makes sure there are enough vape juice flavors to choose from so anyone who visits our store will find something they will like.

What E-juice Flavors Should I Get?

The vape juice you order will depend on your taste. Slim's E-juice has a large variety of flavors to satisfy almost any customer to comes to visit our online store. If you are looking for a primary fruit flavor, ordering Strawberry, Blueberry, or Watermelon would be excellent choices to start with. Butterscotch and Cotton Candy are very popular among the candy lovers if you have a sweet tooth. If you are into Bakery type flavors, getting Cinnamon Roll or Vanilla Cupcake would be a great choice. For people that are into more complex flavors, ordering from Slim's Signature Mixes have plenty to choose from. Our top mixes include Unicorn Milk, Beetle Juice, Mermaid's Tears, Blue Raspberry, and Godfather.

How much Nicotine Should I Order for my E-liquid?

If you are transitioning from smoking cigarettes to vape juice, your best option would be ordering a middle range level around a 16mg starting to get your craving still. Most experienced people who have been vaping a while will sometimes order in the lower range levels like 2mg up to a 6mg. The more nicotine you order for your e-juice, the harsher it will be on the throat hit.

How Much PG and VG Should I put Inside my Eliquid?

The ratio of PG to VG you select will depend on how smooth or how harsh you want your hits. PG is associated with harder throat hits than VG so the more PG present in your vape juice, the harsher it will be. The VG inside of e-juice will give a smoother hit for those who don't like the harshness of PG.

Is PG or VG better for Flavor?

When it comes to relating Flavor to PG and VG, some people may ask which is the better choice. PG carries Flavor better than VG, so therefore having more PG will have a stronger taste than having more VG. Here at Slim's E-juice, we compensate for more Flavor with higher VG levels to make up for any loss of flavor strength.

What do the Nicotine Levels Mean?

Nicotine level options are measured in mg/ml, or milligrams per milliliter. Most online e-juice stores leave off the /ml part since it is assumed a 2mg is 2mg/ml. So if you order a 12 nicotine level on Slim's E-juice, you are getting 12mg of nicotine for every milliliter of liquid.

What Vape Flavors are Banned?

Technically there are no specific flavors that banned by the FDA. However, the FDA has banned the sale of e-cigarettes at convenience stores across the United States. Online stores, like Slim's E-juice, is a convenient way to purchase any e-juice that you need.

How Long Does Ejuice Last?

Typically, e-juice can last anywhere from one to two years. The main three vape juice components, which are VG, PG, and nicotine, have shelf lives of almost two years if they are correctly stored. Another factor that could affect how long your e-juice lasts also depends a little on the Flavor bought. It would be best to assume a one-year expiration.

How Can I Tell if my E-liquid has Gone Bad?

There are a few factors into being able to tell if your vape juice is still good or not. The first factor is the color change. It is entirely reasonable for some e-juice flavors to change color over some time slightly and will still be fine to vape. If the color of your vape juice has changed its color significantly, then it might be time to toss it out. Another factor will be the smell. You should have an idea of what your e-liquid smells like when you first buy it new. If you smell your vape juice and the odor is not normal or smells funny, that is a sign to get rid of it. A third factor will be thickness. The thickness of your e-juice will depend on the PG/VG ratio initially ordered. The more VG there is, the thicker it will be. If your vape juice is significantly thinner than bought initially, there is a good chance it has gone bad. It will need to be thrown away.

Is There a Proper Way to Store Eliquid?

Yes, there is a proper way and place to store your vape juice. First, you want to avoid hot rooms or other warm areas. Try to keep your juice at room temperature. Second, stay away from a lot of light. Exposure to a lot of light will break down the contents of your e-liquid at a faster rate than usual, thus shortening the shelf life. Try keeping it in a dim or dark room or even a drawer in your bedroom that prevents light from getting inside. Last, always keep your vape juice sealed. Not sealing your e-liquid properly will expose it to more oxygen, reacting to your nicotine. When this happens, your nicotine will break down faster, and your overall nicotine level in your vape juice will be lower than initially ordered.

What are the Best Ejuice Flavors for Clouds?

The vapor or clouds that are produced after exhaling are more dependent on the amount of PG/VG than the actual Flavor.
 The higher the VG ratio, the more clouds that will be produced. Slim's E-juice has a specific section in our online store labeled Cloud E-liquid. Those flavors will give lots of clouds along with a good amount of Flavor.

How much Flavor is in Ejuice?

Here at Slim's, the amount of Flavor inside your vape juice will depend on your PG/VG ratio ordered. In our Max PG, More PG, Slim's Standard, and 50/50, there is 15% flavor. In our More VG option, there is 20% flavor. Our Max VG option has a total of 25% flavor.

What Does Steeping Ejuice do?

Steeping vape juice is another name for aging your vape juice. Ejuice vapers will steep their liquid to achieve better Flavor since it allows the Flavor, nicotine, VG, and PG to mix. Steeping will also help remove some alcohol content that may be present in some e-liquid. During the process, your e-liquid will more than likely start to become darker, which is normal.

How do you Steep Eliquid?

Time is the most significant factor in steeping your e-juice. The best place to store would be in a drawer or some other place that is dark and cool. When steeping, shaking your vape juice will somewhat speed up the process. Some e-liquids that have a little higher alcohol content will benefit by letting your e-liquid breath by removing the cap for an hour or so. Leaving the lid off too long may cause unwanted particles or other objects to get inside.

How Long Should I Steep my Eliquid?

The amount of time to steep your vape juice is more of personal preference. Some people will steep their vape juice two or three weeks while others will let it steep for months. The best way to find out how long to steep your e-liquid is to vape a little bit after a certain amount of time you choose. If it tastes good to you, then you are more than likely done steeping your vape juice and ready to enjoy.

Do Different Flavors Take a Different Amount of Time to Steep?

The answer to this is yes. Different flavors may steep faster than others, depending on the type of e-liquid was purchased. Fruit or fruity type flavors usually take less time than other flavors like a few days. However, creamy/dessert and tobacco type flavors will often take more time to steep, likely at least a couple of weeks for maximum Flavor.

What is Pre-Steeped Ejuice?

Pre-steeped vape juice is eliquid you can buy from a supplier that they have already steeped for you. At Slim's E-juice, we have an entire line of vape juice pre-steeped for online customers. They can be found under our Cloud Eliquid section.

What is 50/50 Ejuice?

When someone refers to 50/50 ejuice, they are talking about the amount of VG and PG present inside of the liquid. It is also the same if someone were to say 60/40, 70/30, etc. What the numbers refer to will depend on the company or person you buy from. For example, a ratio might be listed 60PG/40VG while another company may list it in reverse with 60VG/40PG. Most companies, like Slim's E-juice, list it as PG/VG. Ratios in vape juice being listed as VG/PG is a more recent trend. Just make sure if you requested a ratio at a store or online to specify which number refers to PG and which refers to VG.

How Thick or Thin is Eliquid Flavoring?

Though the majority of flavoring for vape juice is derived from PG, some flavors will feel thinner or lighter than others. Most of those e-juice flavors that tend to be thinner are citrus type flavors like Lemon, Orange, Pineapple, etc. Some Cinnamon flavors also tend to be thinner as well as Black Tea. These flavors will not affect your PG/VG ratio. If you ordered Slim's Standard 60PG/40VG, it would still come with that ratio if you ordered any of the flavors listed earlier. Only the thickness will be affected.

Which Ejuice Flavors Separate Faster?

Citrus type flavors tend to separate easier than other flavors and will require more shaking. Any Orange type flavor, for example, will have some of the orange color float to the top. This is normal and does not mean the vape juice has gone bad. Just remember to shake these type of flavors well before putting it into your vaping equipment to ensure you get the full and correct taste.

What is the Sweetest Ejuice?

The majority of sweet vape juice you can buy will be candy or bakery type flavors. At Slim's E-juice, we categorize flavors to make it easier to find what you are looking for. Some of the sweetest flavors we offer include Cotton Candy, Blueberry Cotton Candy, Cinnamon Roll, Strawberry Cheesecake, Birthday Cake, Geeks, Pink Star Slam, and Watermelon Bubblegum.

How do you get Ejuice out of Clothes?

If you ever spill your vape juice on your clothes, there is a simple method to remove the stain. Find a washcloth and get it damp first. Make sure to dab the area gently and not aggressively or it might push the e-liquid deeper in the clothing fabric. If the stain is still visible after letting it dry, find some regular dish detergent. Put a small amount of the detergent onto the stain and let it soak about two or three minutes. After letting it sit, wash the clothes like you usually would.

How do you Remove Eliquid from Carpet or Upholstery?

If there is an e-liquid spill on your carpet or furniture, the first step to take would be the washcloth method used for clothing in the previous question. After trying the washcloth method several times, try to use white vinegar and baking soda. Using vinegar other than white might make the stain worse. When they are mixed, it creates a foam that can lift stains from fabric without harming it. Pour the vinegar on first and then sprinkle the baking soda on top before the vinegar dries. Let the mix bubble for two or three minutes. You might see the e-juice come up with it. When the bubbling stops, use a brush, preferably a dry scrub, to remove the vinegar, baking soda, and vape juice. Make sure to not push it back into the carpet by brushing it gently like something off your clothes — vacuum up the remaining baking soda.

Does Vape Juice Stain Teeth?

Some cigarette smokers will develop stains on their teeth from the tar and nicotine inside of the cigarette. E-cigarettes do not contain any tar, and some vape juice contains very little to no nicotine, so staining is minimal in vaping. Some flavors, however, may cause slight darkening or yellowing. Making sure to practice good oral hygiene will help remove stains your vape juice may have caused. Buying teeth bleach solutions from a store will also remove any slight stains. Make sure not to overuse the whitening solutions, or you may cause damage to your enamel.

How Long Does 60ml of Ejuice Last?

The amount of time your vape juice lasts will mostly depend on your consumption. In general, 60ml of e-juice lasts the average consumer around a couple of weeks. If you are a heavy vaper, it might only last you one week. You will probably need to order at least 100ml or more to last a sufficient amount of time. If you don't know what your consumption rate is, the best amount to start with would be around 50ml to 100ml. Keep track of your consumption rate to determine how much you will need to buy for future orders. Here at Slim's E-Juice, we offer multiple bottle sizes and increments to suit your needs.

How Long Does Ejuice Last in a Tank?

If you were to leave your vape juice in your tank overnight, you would most likely be okay to vape your juice the next day. Sometimes it may be okay to leave your e-liquid inside the tank for a couple of days and be alright. However, vape juice not sitting inside the original bottle may cause issues inside a tank if left for more than a few days. One problem that may occur will be your tank leaking. Some tanks may not leak. It will depend on the type of tank and brand of the e-cigarette you are using. Vapers who use cotton type wicks inside their tanks may experience an over-saturation if e-juice is left inside too long. Some vape juice flavors may even ruin your tank if left in there too long. A tank breaking will usually occur inside a plastic tank. If you vape e-liquid flavors that are known for cracking plastic, you may need to upgrade to glass tanks. There is also a possibility of your e-juice nicotine level being lowered due to oxygen exposure. The lower nicotine will cause your hits not to be as strong as you are used to feeling. The nicotine levels being reduced usually will take weeks or even a month or but if you do this, know that risk. The taste of the vape juice might be altered if left in the tank too long. This may include a completely different taste or just less flavor altogether. All flavors will react differently. Leaving your vape juice inside your tank too long could make it harder to clean up afterward. Some flavors can get thicker over time and could gunk up. Your best bet would be to know how much e-liquid you need inside your tank that you know you can vape in a reasonable amount of time.

How Many ml of Ejuice is a Pack of Cigarettes?

This question is tough to answer due to their being almost no correlation between vape juice drops to drags etc. The best estimation can be used according to the average consumer. 5ml of e-liquid is equivalent to around 2 ½ packs of cigarettes if using the averages. This means that 10ml would be equal to 5 packs, 15ml to 7 ½ packs, 30ml to 15 packs, etc. This is significant savings for anyone who switches from smoking cigarettes to vaping e-cigarettes. At Slim's E-Juice, our 30ml bottle of e-liquid is $9.50. The average price for a pack of cigarettes is around $6.00. If 30ml is equal to 15 packs of cigarettes and a 30ml costs $9.50, this means you would pay approximately $0.63 per pack, which is significantly cheaper than any pack of cigarettes on the market.

How Much Ejuice can you Take on a Plane?

According to the TSA, a person is allowed to have 100ml of vape juice inside their carry on bag. Anyone who plans to bring more than 100ml can put the rest inside their checked baggage. It would be recommended to have your e-liquid inside of plastic containers and not glass to avoid any breakage during the flight.

Can you Bring Your E-cig on a Plane?

Yes, you can bring your e-cigarette onto an airplane. However, you must do so inside your carry on bag and not your checked bags because of safety concerns. This includes your batteries, atomizers, etc. The FAA prohibits any loose lithium battery from being transported in the checked baggage. Regular batteries like AAA, AA, D, and C are okay.