What is DOVPO?

Shenzhen DOVPO Technology Co., LTD, or DOVPO for short, was established back in 2006. This company specializes in marketing, R&D, service, and manufacturing of electronic cigarettes and devote themselves to creating a variety of e-cigs for consumers.

Reputation of DOVPO

The company's goal is producing and designing the best products for vape enthusiasts. DOVPO adheres to the principle of being Customer Oriented by offering excellent service and great products to their customers by committing themselves to provide products that are superior to other brands, competitive prices, and prompt delivery. DOVPO has 20 lines of production for the manufacturing of electronic cigarettes. All 20 of these lines have advanced equipment with the latest technology and produce a capacity of 600,000 units, which can fulfill an order of 10,000 units in a couple of days. Popularity and reputation have grown with DOVPO over the years with customers and now are sold in other regions of the world like Asia, North America, Japan, etc.

Products of DOVPO

DOVPO develops Mods, Vape Pens, Tanks, and RDAs for the vape industry. Here is a list of their products and color variations for each:

Mods - i) Basium Squonker - This mod is developed in five colors that include Blue, Red, Green, Black, and Stainless Steel.

    ii) Ember 50 - This mod is produced in three splatter designs. All designs have a Black base, and the splatter colors include Blue, Red, and Green.

    iii) M VV - This mod is manufactured in three designs and three lightning colors. The design colors come in either Silver or Gold and include Skull, Gorilla, and Samurai. The lightning colors include Blue, Red, and Black.

    iv) Punisher 90 - This mod is designed in six colors that include Yellow, Purple, Red, Blue, White, and Black.

    v) Rogue 100 - This mod is developed in three colors that include Gunmetal, Blue, and Black.

    vi) Trigger 168 -- This mod is produced in six colors that include Copper, Bronze, Rainbow, Blue, Gunmetal, and Black.

    vii) VEE - This mod is manufactured in six colors that include Rainbow, Green, Purple, Red, Black, and Silver.

Vape Pens - i) Hot Hatch - This Vape Pen is designed in three colors that include Black, Pink, and Blue.

Tanks/RDAs - i) 1VP RDA - This RDA is developed in Stainless Steel.

    ii) Savage - This Tank is produced in two colors that include Silver and Black.

There are no products to list.