Save 50% On All Orders over $50 Right Now. Don't Miss Out. Coupon Code: 50off50 We will be discontinuing a few things this month because of new FDA regulations. 10ml bottles, 8 oz bottles, custom e-juice, and add-ons for flavors. You can still make custom requests for add-ons and reorder anything you have ever ordered in the past for now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Custom Build A Flavor

Custom Build A Flavor

Wait you can make your own eliquid and name it? Who knew? Customize your juice to the max using the many flavors we have!

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Build Your Own E-Juice Flavor - Custom Make E-Juice Recipes

Build Your Own Flavor For those who know what they want.  Make sure to name your flavor.   Instructions For Custom Flavor Making Select Up To 5 Flavors Per Bottle (If you select more it will taste horrible) Use any flavor from our website other than slims signature mixes. In The Flavor Box Tell Me The % Of Each Flavor or Recipe EX: Smores Chocolate:50% Marshmallow:25% Graham Cracker:25% For Addons You Don't Have To State An Amount Unless You Want Extra ..