What is Congrevape?

Congrevape began with three close friends having a dream. The company started with a Crowdfunding website called Congrevape and then created their successful RDA lines and other devices, especially the Doge Series. Congrevape commits to focusing on engineering to make affordable products that are of the best quality. Their offices are located in the UK and the United States, along with a distribution center.

All Products Congrevape Develops

Congrevape manufactures Vape Pens, RDAs, and tanks for the vape community. Here is a list of their products and the color variations of each:

Vape Pens - i) Dogecorn - This Vape Pen is developed in three colors that include Gold, Sterling Silver, and Tiffany Blue.

RDAs - i) Cate - This RDA is designed in Stainless Steel color.

    ii) Doge Series - a) Doge V2 - This RDA is manufactured in five colors that include Tan, Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel, and Black.

        b) Doge V3 - This RDA is produced in four base colors with each having different colored dog designs. The Black color has a Yellow dog design, Green dog design, Pink dog design, and Blue dog design. The Stainless Steel color has a Black dog design. The Pink color has a Black dog design. The Green color has a Red dog design.

        c) Doge V4 - This RDA is developed in four colors that include Neon, Gun Grey, Jet Black, and Satin Steel.

    iii) Ignition - This RDA is designed in six colors that include Gold, Rose Gold, Space Grey, Silver, Sterling Silver, and 24k Gold.

Tanks - i) Dogetank - This tank is manufactured in three colors that include Jet Black, Gun Grey, and Satin Steel.

There are no products to list.