What is Coilology?

Coilology Co., Ltd is a company that produces Prebuilt Wires and Handcrafted Coils for electronic cigarettes. Their factory staff has over four years of experience in developing high-quality electronic cigarettes. The factory itself is 1000 m^2 in area and is equipped with four production lines for Prebuilt Wires and three production lines for Handcrafted Coils. There are over 60 employees that work in the Coilology factory to make sure there is high output. The company's principal component is their professional team for battery design and their excellent design team for tanks, both of which have over two years of experience. Coilology knows that the quality of products is important. Therefore they have systems with strict quality control and all of the products are produced under the UN38.3m MSDS, ROSH, and CE standards. The company's products are popular amongst EU countries, the USA, and Canada.

Coil and Wire Produced by Coilology

There is a variety of wire and coils Coilology develops for vape consumers. Here is a list of what they produce:

Handcrafted Coils - i) Alien Line - The types of Alien Coil Coilology produces are Regular Alien Coil, Framed Staple version, Interlock Framed Staple, and Regular Staple.

    ii) Other lines - Dragon Skin is another favorite coil produced by Coilology. Others include Staggered Fused Coil, Staged SFC, Staged Fused, Interlock Chain, Fused Clapton, and Framed Staple.

Prebuilt Wire - The Prebuilt Wire produced by Coilology includes Framed Staple, Clapton, Twisted Clapton, Fused Clapton, Tri-Core or Multi-Strands Fused Clapton, Staple WIre, Chain Link, Twisted, and Juggernaut.

There are no products to list.