Coil Art

What is CoilART and What Products Does it Manufacture?

CoilART is a company that manufactures products for the electronic cigarette industry. They have created a variety of tanks, Mods, Kits, Coils, Wire, and other Accessories. Here is a list of their products:

    Tanks/Mods - The V2 Mage RTA comes in Black Golden, Black Rosegolden, or Stainless Steel. The DPRO RDA comes in Black, PCTG White, Stainless Steel, or Ultem. Their AZEROTH RTA has a Triple Coil Deck that is patented and comes in Rainbow, Black, Stainless Steel, or Golden. The Azeroth RDA comes in the colors Black, Stainless Steel, or Golden. The Mage RTA is 24mm and 3.5ml that comes in Stainless Steel, Black, or Golden. The Mage RDA was produced as Stainless Steel. CoilART also has a Mage GTA that is 24mm and 3.5ml that comes in Black or Golden. There is also an Azeroth RDTA that is 24mm and 4.0ml and comes in Gold and the Toruk Tank that is 24mm that comes in either Black or Stainless Steel.


    Kits - The Premium DPRO 133 Kit comes in various colors that include Black, Red, Silver, Golden, Blue, or Purple. CoilART's Squonk Kit is for the Azeroth and comes in Black, Blue, Red, Silver, Golden, or Purple. Their Tricker Kit is for the Mage Mech which comes in Black or Resin Multicolor.


    Coils - There are various Coils CoilART manufactures which include CTBVC Coils for the Atlantis, CTOCC Coils for the Subtank, CTCO Coils for the Cleito, CTUL Coils for the Crown, and CTCL Coils for the Ego One. The types of CTBVC Coils for the Atlantis are the 0.2 Ohm CTNOTCH, the Dual Coil 0.2 Ohm Kanthal, the Dual Coil 0.1 Ohm Ni200, and the 0.5 Ohm Ceramic. The types of CTOCC Coils for the Subtank are the 0.2 Ohm CTNOTCH, the Dual Coil 0.2 Ohm Kanthal, and the 0.1 Ohm Ni200. The type of CTCO Coil for the Cleito is the 0.2 Ohm CTNOTCH. The types of CTUL Coils for the Crown are the 0.2 Ohm CTNOTCH and the Dual Coil 0.5 Ohm Kanthal. The type of CTCL Coil for the Ego One is the 1.0 Ohm Kanthal.


    Handmade/Prebuild Coils - CoilART produces a variety of Coils. Their Handmade Coils include the Alien 0.30 Ohms, the Clapton 0.50 Ohms, the Flat Clapton 0.25 Ohms, the Fused Clapton 0.20 Ohms or 0.30 Ohms, and the Triple Clapton 0.30 Ohms. The Prebuild Coils include the 316L Stainless Steel 24GA 0.5 Ohms, the 316L Stainless Steel 26GA 0.5 Ohms, the Alien Clapton 0.45 Ohms, the Half Staggered Fused Clapton 0.27 Ohms, the Kanthal 24GA 0.6 Ohms or 1.0 Ohms, the Kanthal 26GA 1.0 Ohms, the Nichrome 80 24GA 0.5 Ohms, the Optimus Prime 0.3 Ohms, the Clapton 0.85 Ohms, the Clapton Twisted 0.9 Ohms, the Flat Twisted 0.36 Ohms, the Fused Clapton 0.45 Ohms, the Hero Alliance 0.55 Ohms, the Hive 0.45 Ohms, the Juggernaut 0.45 Ohms, the Mix Twisted 0.45 Ohms, the Quad 0.36 Ohms, the Staggered 0.3 Ohms, the Staggered Fused 0.4 Ohms, the Staircase 0.25 Ohms, the Super Clapton 0.7 Ohms, the Super Juggernaut 0.3 Ohms, the Taiji 0.25 Ohms, the Tiger 0.36 Ohms, and the Twisted 0.36 Ohms.

    Wire - The wire CoilART develops includes the 316LSS 24GA, the Kanthal 24GA, the Kanthal 26GA, the Nichrome 24GA, the Nichrome 26GA, and the 316LSS 26GA

    Accessories - CoilART has many accessories for various products. For the Mage Mech, the produce Replacement Fire Pins for Resin or Black. They also have Fire Decks and Magnets for the Mage Mech. For the Azeroth RTA, they make Replacement screws, Replacement Triple Decks, and Replacement Glass. For the Azeroth RDA, there are Replacement screws. The company also makes Replacement Top Caps, Drip Tips, and Glass for their Azeroth RDTA. For the DPRO RDA, they have Replacement Screws, Replacement Caps that come PCTG White or Ultem, and Drip Tips that come in PCTG White or Ultem. For the Mage RTA, there are Replacement Screws, Top Caps, and Drip Tips. Then the Azeroth Squonk has Replacement Silicone Bottles and Replacement 18650 Battery Covers.

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