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Cyclops Treasure Cloud E-Liquid

Cyclops Treasure Premium Cloud E-Liquid A unique blend of fresh Raspberry, Pineapple, ripe Strawberry, Mango.  ..


Vial From Olympus Cloud E-Liquid

Vial From Olympus An epic blend of creamy French Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Hazelnut, ripe Banana, Toasted Almond, Butter Pe..


Fountain of Youth Cloud E-Liquid

Fountain of Youth Premium Cloud E-Liquid A sweet blend of Sweet Cream, Bavarian Cream, Vanilla Custard, Marshmallow, a..


Siren's Tears Cloud E-Liquid

Siren's Tears A mesmerizing blend of delicious Nectarine, fresh Strawberry, and a dash of coolness.     &n..


Wizard's Elixer Cloud E-Liquid

Wizard's Elixer A magical blend of sweet Nectarine, juicy Pomegranate, and some creaminess. If you haven't had a chance..


Insanity Cloud E-Liquid

Insanity Premium Cloud E-Liquid A crazy blend of Raspberry, Nectarine, and Watermelon.       If ..


Supernova Cloud E-Liquid

Supernova Premium Cloud E-LiquidA unique blend of fresh Strawberry, Watermelon, Vanilla Swirl, and Sour.    &n..


Unicopia Cloud E-Liquid

Unicopia Premium Cloud E-LiquidA unique blend of fresh Strawberry, Cheesecake, Bavarian Cream, Sweet Cream, Vanilla Custard, ..


Honey Patch Cloud E-Liquid

Honey Patch Premium Cloud E-LiquidA unique blend of fresh Blueberry, Blackberry, Strawberry, Honey, and Sweetener.  ..


Jazzn Raz Cloud E-Liquid

Jazzn Raz Premium Cloud E-LiquidA unique blend of fresh Blackberry, Blueberry, Sour, Raspberry, and Sweetener.   &n..


Tangarang Cloud E-Liquid

Tangarang Premium Cloud E-LiquidA unique blend of fresh Vanilla, Orange Cream Bar, Mandarin Orange, Bavarian Cream. &nbs..


King and Crown Cloud E-Liquid

King and Crown Premium Cloud E-LiquidA unique blend of fresh Kentucky Bourbon, Coconut, Vanilla, Madagascar Vanilla, Brown Su..


Sky Pie Cloud E-Liquid

Sky Pie Premium Cloud E-LiquidA unique blend of fresh Apple Pie, Caramel Candy, Graham Cracker, Whipped Cream. If you ha..


Honey Badger Cloud E-Liquid

Honey Badger Premium Cloud JuiceA unique blend of fresh Vanilla Custard, Brown Sugar, Honey, Sugar Cookie, and Toasted Almond..


Time Traveling Turtle Cloud E-Liquid

Time Traveling Turtle Premium Cloud E-Liquid A unique blend of sweet Fudge Brownie, Pralines and Cream, Salted Caramel, an..


Sasquatch Magic Cloud E-Liquid

Sasquatch Magic Premium Cloud E-Liquid A magical blend of fluffy Marshmallow, sprinkled with a sweet and rich Honey. &n..


Dragon King Cloud E-Liquid

Dragon King Premium Cloud E-Liquid An epic blend of Dragonfruit, Green Apple, Apple Candy, Caramel, Vanilla Custard, Bavar..


Serpent's Fang Cloud E-Liquid

Serpent's Fang Premium Cloud E-LiquidA unique blend of fresh Pear, Coconut, Bavarian Cream. If you haven't had a chance ..


PMC Cloud E-Liquid

PMC Premium Cloud E-LiquidA unique blend of fresh Bavarian Cream, Peach, Cantaloupe, and Vanilla Swirl.    &nb..


Space Cereal Cloud E-Liquid

Space Cereal Premium Cloud E-Liquid A out of this world blend of Rice Krispies and Fruit Circles with a touch of creamines..


At Slim's Ejuice Our Cloud E-Liquid Is

Max VG - 25% flavor - Pre-Steeped & 

We Have 20 Different Quality Flavors

Our Cloud Juice goes through a unique process of breathing, steeping, and some TLC. Compared to our standard line coming in plastic bottles, the Cloud Juice comes in a 60ML glass bottle with a unique label. It has a dropper top for easy dripping. The Cloud Juice is also made with maximum possible VG for those huge clouds you all love. We also use VG nicotine to help keep the nicotine from compromising the flavor and for that little bit more VG for the clouds. We offer 20 unique flavors.

More Information About Cloud E-Liquid

Who doesn't like using e-cigarettes? They are becoming more and more popular every year. In fact, according to statistics, around 795 million US dollars was spent on e-cigarettes in 2014. While the use of e-cigarettes is high, there are some who use them for more than just a casual smoke.

There is a whole world of competitive vaping that exists, and anyone can get in on the action. Competitive vaping requires competitors to make big clouds. In order to make the biggest and best clouds, a competitor needs to use the best ejuice for the job.

Keep reading to discover the best ejuice for clouds and techniques that can be used to help anyone stay ahead of the competition. Being informed is the best way to have cloud chasing success and have a chance to come out on top.

What is Cloud Chasing?

Competitive vaping is also known as cloud chasing. In this sport, vapors take turns seeing if they can blow the biggest clouds. There is actual prize money involved in it too. By winning a competition, the winner can take home anywhere between $250 and $2000.

It makes sense then that any avid vapor would want to get involved in this sport. But to do this, he/she needs knowledge on the best ejuice he/she can get for the job.

The Best EJuice for Clouds

There are so many different ejuices on the market it can be a little overwhelming knowing which one is the best. To find out the best ejuice for clouds, keep reading below.

1.Dragon King Premium E-Liquid

Slim's Ejuice has a very rich line of top of the range Ejuice for cloud chasing. One of their best ejuice for clouds and premium products is the Dragon King Cloud E-Liquid.

This ejuice comes in a large array of flavors that not only soothes the throat but also make the vaping experience enjoyable. These flavors include the exotic dragon fruit, vanilla custard, green apple, caramel, bavarian cream, apple candy and sweet cream.

These flavors are mixed with 100% pure nicotine that ensures the true effect of vaping is still achieved. Additionally, Dragon King premium E-liquid has an ample PG/VG ratio that ensures any cloud chaser creates the biggest clouds when engaging in the sport.

2. Honey Patch Premium Cloud

This is yet another best ejuice for clouds from Slim's Ejuice. But what's unique about it?

Starting off with the flavors, the Honey Patch Premium Cloud is mixed with flavors ranging from fresh blueberry, strawberry, honey, blackberry, and sweetener. Some users, however, note that this Ejuice tends to have a sweet berry jam taste.

This cloud chasing Ejuice has been blended with a good PG/VG mix that ensures the vaping experience is enjoyable since there is not much scoring on the throat.

Finally, the Honey Patch Premium Cloud boasts of a child-resistant glass bottle that ensures safety as it is being handled when vaping, or mistakenly by the kids.

3. Sasquatch Magic Cloud

The Sasquatch Magic Cloud is yet another blend of good flavors, PG/VG ratio, and nicotine to produce an awesome cloud chasing experience, thus making it one of the best ejuice for clouds.

This Ejuice comes in 60ml bottles up to 960ml bottles with the latter costing $120. The flavor is a mix of rich honey and fluffy marshmallow, which is unique among many other ejuices one can find out there.

What's really good about this ejuice is that even with an old coil, it can still produce huge clouds. Thus, with a new coil, the experience only gets better.

4. Sky Pie Premium Cloud

This is the best ejuice for clouds, especially for those cloud chasers who love the taste of pie in their mouth. Sky Pie Premium Ejuice comes from Slims Ejuice and is blended with caramel candy, whipped cream, graham cracker and apple pie for that final pie taste.

The good thing about this mix of flavors is that the end taste is not too sweet. Instead, the vanilla and caramel apple tastes appear subtle and well balanced.

This premium ejuice comes in a range of 60ml bottle to 960ml bottle, where the latter is essentially a 16, 60ml bottles.

Being a max VG juice, Sky Pie premium cloud is one of the best ejuice for clouds since it produces huge clouds that fit a cloud chasing the competition.

5. Time Traveling Turtle

This is yet another best ejuice for clouds, coming from the brand Slim's ejuice. The Time Travelling Turtle is a premium ejuice that comes in a 60ml to 960ml bottles and has a wide range of nicotine levels ranging from no nicotine to a nicotine strength of 12.

This ejuice also comes in flavors of sweet fudge brownie, salted caramel, pralines and cream and Kahlua. And this mix of flavors is what makes the Time Travelling Turtle one of the best ejuice for clouds.


Most users who have reviewed have talked about a sweet caramel and maple syrup taste that drives them crazy about this product. And when it comes to making huge clouds, the good PG/VG ratio ensures the best cloud chasing experience most of the time.

This product, however, does not work well with older mods. Most buyers have to upgrade to newer mods once they buy this ejuice.

6. Honey Badger

Honey Badger premium ejuice for clouds is a premium product from Slims ejuice that guarantees not only big clouds but also top of the range flavors. To be particular, this ejuice is a mix of vanilla custard, toasted almond, honey, brown sugar and sugar cookie.

It also comes in bottles of 60ml to 960ml. The best thing about this product, like most of Slims ejuice products, is that if the customer happens to get dissatisfied with the product, he/she can reach the brand and get a response within 24hours.

7. Serpent's Fang Premium Cloud E-Liquid

This vape juice may sound dangerous but it is truly anything but it. Serpent's Fang Premium Cloud E-Liquid is the best ejuice for clouds. It is a deliciously unique blend of coconut, pear and Bavarian cream.

This e-liquid is the perfect choice for vapors who prefer flavors that are a little bit more tropical than the usual vape juice options.

Cloud Chasing Hints and Tips

Once a vape juice has been decided upon from the best ejuice for clouds, it's important to know the ins and outs of cloud chasing. Read on to find out how to become the best cloud chaser.

1. Battery Safety

Misusing batteries with vapes can have quite a devastating effect. They could catch fire or possibly explode. In fact, as of 2017, there have been 243 e-cigarette explosions recorded.

Thus, it is vital that a mod is never left charging and unattended. Also be sure to never overcharge a mod either and don't use a charger that isn't branded.

2. Air Flow

Airflow can be a tricky case, especially if not enough air is escaping the mod. This could potentially cause the mode to explode. However, if there is too much air then it will make the vapor clouds thin.

Cloud chasers need to make sure they have huge and dense clouds when they vape. This is why getting the right airflow without the mod overheating can be a tricky task.

3. E-Liquid

To anyone who wants to vape, it's recommended to use a blend of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. This will stop the feeling of a harsh throat and make the whole experience lighter. For cloud chasing though, it's best to have a VG heavy e-liquid.

This is a thicker liquid that will create denser clouds. A VG to PG ratio of 70/30 is the perfect combination for a throat hit and perfect cloud production. However, if someone is going to enter a cloud competition, it is best to use the maximum amount of VG possible.

4. Use a Good Mod

In order to avoid fire or explosions, it is important to invest in a mod that can support low resistance to coil builds. There are two types of mods. These are regulated mods and mechanical mods. Cloud chasers often chose mechanical mods as they have excellent connectivity and air holes.

However, mechanical rods are definitely not for beginners. They require extensive knowledge of Ohm's law and battery safety.

5. Have an Atomizer

For competitive cloud chasers, having a rebuildable drip atomizer is an absolute must. RDAs require cloud chasers to build their own coils. They can then attach them to the tank using a screwdriver or another tool like it.

Rebuildable drip atomizers are also known as drippers. This is because users have to manually drip e-liquid directly onto the coils before they take a puff. Although this isn't the best for everyday use, it is perfect for cloud chasing as the clouds made from it are huge.

6. Inhale and Exhale Technique

Along with quality equipment and the best ejuice for clouds, any cloud chaser also needs to perfect their inhale and exhale technique if they want to win competitions. For example, exhaling too fast will cause the cloud to thin out.

In order to create a large and dense cloud, it's important to exhale slowly. Another tip is known as a rip tripper. This involves moving back as the cloud chaser exhale. This will help them to create the best possible cloud that they can.

7. Wicking

When creating huge clouds with the best ejuice for clouds, it's important to make sure there is the right wicking involved. There are plenty of ways to wick low resistance coils. This includes tucking the wick underneath the coil or behind the coil. It can also be clipped without any tucking at all.

Getting the wicking right will make sure that any cloud chaser gets the most out of their ejuice. Another good technique is to cut both ends of the wick to create tails. Then, fluff the tails up and tuck both of them under the coil.

Be sure to clear a little airway beneath the wick and also push it slightly to one side.

8. The Vape Build

Cloud chasing essentially comes down to how the coils are built. The lower the resistance of the coils, the bigger the vape clouds will be. Of course, other factors will account too. However, the build of the coil is the most important part.

There is a choice between a single and dual coil. Despite this, most cloud chasers go for dual coils. This is because of the fact they produce a lot more vapor.

The Dangers of Cloud Chasing

Of course, there are always dangers to be aware of when it comes to cloud chasing. It's especially dangerous if the user has no idea what they are doing and they don't understand battery safety. All cloud chasers need to know what batteries are safe to use with low resistance coils.

They also need to be aware of how often to change the batteries and how big the air holes should be. This is because, when it comes to cloud chasing, the batteries are being pushed to their very limits.

Not knowing when to change them or using the wrong ones can have some serious consequences.

For Those Who Want the Best EJuice for Clouds, Look No Further

Turning a love for vaping into a competition isn't as difficult as it may seem. However, any wannabe cloud chaser needs to make sure they have the right equipment, and this equipment needs to include the best ejuice for clouds.

For anyone needing help to find more fantastic ejuice, be sure to ask the experts in vaping. They will help anyone to find the vape juice that is right for their level of competition and skills.

For more information or to contact an expert for assistance, click here.