Cartel Mods

What is Cartel Mods?

Cartel Mods manufactures vaping products that include RDAs and Mods. They are best known for creating the 160w Cartel Revenant Mod and Stillare series.

What Products Does Cartel Manufacture?

As mentioned above, the Stillare series and Cartel Revenant are Cartel Mod's most famous products. The atomizers the company produces are the 24mm Cartel Obelisk RDA and the Stillare V4. The mods created by Cartel include the Cartel Mechanical Mod V1, the 26650 Cartel Boss Mod, and the 160w Cartel Revenant. Some of the accessories manufactured by Cartel include their Driptip V1 and Driptip V2, Cartel Mod Upgrade for the Mechanical Spring, a Cartel Revenant Replacement Door, and Replacement Resins.

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