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Buy high profit margin, high quality, steeped wholesale eliquid that meets the FDA requirements & that will fit YOUR stores needs with no MOQ (minimum order quantity) without costing you a lot of up front money.

The best supplier that allows you to make high profit and flies off the shelf due to jaw-dropping prices!

Do you know your profit margin, and can you maximize it with products you are already selling?
Are you carrying products that your walkin’s are looking for?
Are you interested in having more repeat customers? Especially ones purchasing products that make you more money.

Your typical vape store sales comes from mainly 3 areas. You have your hardware, replacement parts, and e-juice. Now with that where do really make your money? Well as for hardware that is usually a one time purchase for a customer. They may get few extras to customize and such. All in all that is a 1 time purchase. When that customer comes back they usually buy replacement parts and more e-juice.

Now with hardware and replacement parts you are looking at usually a mark up of 100% where with e juice made in store you are looking at a much, much higher mark up! Problem is with FDA regulations most stores have done away with making it’s own eliquid due to all the paperwork involved and cost.

The other option is already made e-liquid, but the cost to get it in store is much higher than make in store usually. With MOQ’s, high purchase prices, and customer costs it just doesn’t move off the shelf and make profit like needed.

Where do you make your profit margins now? Will you survive?
We have a solution to this problem.

Slim’s E-juice Wholesale

We are not your average e-juice company.
Unconventional wholesale – bulk e juice

Been in business for 4 years
Try before you buy
Over 20,000 customers

Let’s make YOUR store fuller and make product move!

Customers Love our E-juice!

We have our Cloud Juice and Premium Juice lines available for sale on wholesale.

Cloud Juice

Max VG
Max Flavor
Boosted Flavor from Steeping for over a month
Premium Glass Bottle
Premium Label
VG nicotine
Great for Clouds & Competitions
Great for Builds

Our Cloud Juice goes through a unique process of breathing, steeping, and some TLC.  Compared to our standard line coming in plastic bottles the Cloud Juice comes in a 60ML glass bottle and unique label with a dripper top for easy dripping.  The Cloud Juice is also made with maximum possible VG for those huge clouds you all know and love.  We also use VG nicotine to help keep the nicotine from compromising the flavor and for that little bit more VG for the clouds.  We offer 20 unique flavors.


Premium Juice

Premium Glass Bottle
Premium Label
VG Nicotine
Full of Flavor
31 flavors to choose from!

No more being stuck with e juice you can’t sell due to odd nicotine levels. You get to choose your nicotine level from our many options that best suits your stores needs.
Bottles meet FDA regulations.
UPC on label for easy checkout process.

Our wholesale isn’t for a store that doesn’t want growth, sales, and makes good profit.

We have been in business for nearly 4 years, and we purchase everything in bulk. This is how we can sell for such a great price! We pass the savings down to you. We have a sample pack ready to go for your store if you are interested in giving us a try. If you make a purchase, and your customers don’t like it for some crazy reason you can easily sell if for what you have it in. Really what do you have to lose?

Slim’s E-juice wholesale is here to fill your needs.

We are here to help you make the sales you need with the profit margin needed to keep your business going.

Why are we charging so much less than other wholesale ejuice companies? We don’t think you should be charged so much. We want to undercut our competitors. We don’t think it is right they are charging high dollar for their e juice. We can still make a profit from our bargain pricing. It is so good, because you can get already steeped e liquid in premium bottles in premium labels that are FDA ready with UPC. We have a large variety of nicotine options to order what best fulfills your stores needs.

$7.00 for a 60ml
You can sell for any price!
They go great for $17 MSRP, making you $10 a bottle!
You choose nicotine levels.
Order online or over the phone.
This offer is for businesses only.

To apply email us:
Subject: Wholesale
Attach picture of business license

We are here to keep you from wasting money & time. Shoot us a quick email and lets get started!
Talk soon!
Slim’s E-juice

Don’t miss out on high profit margin, high quality, steeped wholesale eliquid that meets the FDA requirements & that will fit YOUR stores needs with no MOQ (minimum order quantity) without costing you a lot of up front money! We want to help your store succeed!