Bruce Pro Innovations

What is Bruce Pro Innovations?

Bruce Pro Innovations, sometimes called Bruce USA, specializes in manufacturing and designing products in the e-cig industry. Their focus is innovating in the rebuildable product market. Bruce Pro is known for creating the Sumo RDA. This product does not aim for RDA beginners, due to the fact the Sumo RDA needs some work to understand and operate correctly. The finish on the Sumo is a black matte having cutaways on both sides so the user can adjust the airflow. The Sumo's drip tip also has adjustable slots for airflow along with an airflow slot that is permanently open located at the bottom. These multiple channels of airflow allow the user to tune the Sumo to their liking easily. A popular feature on the Sumo RDA is the shield for drip suspension, which is an umbrella-like addition to help guide the juice to one side or the other, going directly to the coils.

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