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Blitz Enterprises

What is Blitz Enterprises?

Blitz Enterprises is a company that has been developing e-cig products for over six years. They aim to give vape enthusiasts an excellent vaping experience by having original designs and authentic devices. The company began with a small team and had grown over time. Blitz now has a factory having 30 CNC Machines and 23 engraving machines, along with a sales team consisting of 24 passionate employees. Though Blitz is not a world-famous brand name in the e-cig industry, the company has been in the field for years and has not ceased to keep up the pace with developing e-cigs to meet consumer demands.

What Products Does Blitz Enterprises Develop?

Blitz produces Vape pens, Tanks, RDAs, and RTAs for the vaping industry. Here is a list of their products and color variations:

Vape Pens - i) L&F Mech - This Vape Pen is developed in a Copper material with a unique design engraved.

Tanks - i) Keel - This tank is designed in two colors that include Gold and Black. 

RDAs - i) Ghoul BF - This RDA is produced in two colors that include Stainless Steel and Black.

    ii) Hannya - This RDA is manufactured two base colors and three splatter colors. The base colors include Stainless Steel and Black. The splatter colors include Light Blue with Blue Splatter, Green with Red Splatter, and Black with Red Splatter.

    iii) Musketeer - This RDA is developed in two colors that include Black and Stainless Steel.

    iv) Noxus - This RDA is designed in six colors that include White, Stainless Steel, Pink, Green, Blue, and Black.

RTAs - i) Intrepid - This RTA is produced in two colors that include Stainless Steel and Black.

    ii) Warcraft - This RTA is manufactured in two colors that include Stainless Steel and Black.

There are no products to list.