What is Benecig?

Benecig is an electronic cigarette company that believes it is the people inside that matter and that they bring the company to life and helps it prosper and guide growth. Though not many people are familiar with the name Benecig, the company's designers, researchers, and sales force have been working hard for this industry and have been entrenched in all phases of the e-cig industry for a long time. The company's staff has some of the best R&D minds available. Benecig also has very talented and highly trained product designers, sales professionals, and influential corporate leaders. The company plans to release their most innovative products to date. Their initial products that were devised by famous designers are superior in function and design and give vapers a rich, rewarding experience. Benecig's R&D team continually is researching and developing into greater technologies for vaporizers which puts Benecig in the front of the e-cig market. The company reaches out to the best innovators and the brightest minds to bring the industry the most robust and reliable products the industry has seen.

Benecig Products

Benecig develops Mods, Vape Pens, and Tanks for the e-cig industry. Here is a list of products and color variations of each:

Mods - i) Honeycomb 75W - This tank is developed four colors that include Grey, Red, White, and Red.

    ii) Killer - This tank is designed in four colors that include White, Pink, Grey, and Black.

Vape Pens - i) Topen - This Vape Pen is produced in three colors that include Rainbow, Silver, and Gold.

Tanks - i) Honeycomb - This tank is manufactured in three colors that include White, Red, and Black.

There are no products to list.