Avatar Controls

What is AvatarControls?

Shenzhen AvatarControls Co., Ltd, or AvatarControls for short, was established September of 2015 and commits to researching and developing Alexa enabled devices and other smart voice products, like smart home plugs. The company also provides innovated smart voice products and interaction solutions for smart houses. AvatarControls overall is a technology innovation and science enterprise that engages in the development and independent research in internet-enabled smart hardware. There is an R&D team that is composed of electronic engineers, industrial engineers, software engineers, overseas returnees, and other types of personnel. The core of their R&D team has over five years of developing experience in the semantic field of smart voice. IIPR is what AvatarControls currently focuses on and has received numerous innovative and practical invention patents.

What Products Does AvatarControls Develop?

The company develops a variety of products like the A1 smart speaker voice assistant for Alexa and other Alexa smart products such as aroma humidifiers, smart bulbs, smart plugs, etc. They also have their series of voice control products. AvatarControls aims to develop new interaction experiences with smart products and to deliver a simple lifestyle using voice. The products AvatarControls manufactures are the Freecube, the Smart Plug, the SmartSafe, the Light Speaker, the Voice-Control Lamp, and the VapeNut.

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