What is Asvape?

AsvapeTech, or Asvape for short, is a vape production company committed to developing popular, high-end, healthy electronic cigarettes. The R&D team is of the best domestic e-cig structural designers.

Asvape Products

The products that Asvape develop are mainly mods and atomizers. The Striders mods they produce come in a variety of colors and are capable of 80W. There is also a product called the Strier SCAR. Other mod products include Michael Mods (200W), the Gabriel, and the Defender. The atomizers produced by Asvape include Drip Atomizers for RDAs and Oil Storage Atomizers for RTAs. The Drip Atomizers produced are the AIM-9 RDA which come in silver or gold and the AIM-II EVO which come in silver or black. The Storage Atomizers produced are the Cobra which comes in silver or gold and the Cobra Coil which come in silver or gold. Asvape also makes unique cotton that is organic and from an exclusive ranch from Australia. This Asvape cotton is bleach free, has no additives, and will work well even if it is burnt.

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