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What is Aleader?

Shenzhen Aleader Technology Co. Ltd, or Aleader for short, was established in 2011 and is one of the top reputable companies in the electronic cigarette industry. The company has been researching, developing, manufacturing, and marketing e-cigs for over seven years. Aleader has a reputation for providing excellent products. The company also excels in sales marketing and production.

What Products Does Aleader Develop?

Aleader develops Mods, Vape Pens, Tanks, and RDAs for the electronic cigarette industry. Here is a list of their products and colors variations of each:

Mods - i) BHive 100W - This mod is developed in six resin colors that include Fantastic Rainbow, Starry Blue, Jewel Green, Mystery Purple, Ardour Red, and Dignity Black.

    ii) Funky 80W - This mod is designed in six honeycomb colors that include Rainbow Honeycomb, Blue Honeycomb, Green Honeycomb, Purple Honeycomb, Red Honeycomb, and Black Honeycomb.

    iii) Killer 80W - This mod is produced in five resin colors and two aluminum editions. The resin colors include Blue/White, Purple/Blue, Black/Red, Black/Blue, and Black/Orange. The aluminum editions include Black with Resin Panel and Silver Frame with Resin Panel.

    iv) Orbit 80W - This mod is manufactured in random resin colors.

    v) Orbit 100W - This mod is developed in two designs that include Blue with Skull and Red with Skull.

Vape Pens - i) Mamba - This Vape Pen is designed in five base colors and one multi-color. The base colors include Black, Red, Purple, Blue, and Green. The multi-color consists of Red/Green/Black.

Tanks - i) Sailor - This tank is produced in six colors that include Ardour Red, Jewel Green, Mystery Purple, Starry Blue, Dignity Black, and Fantastic Rainbow.

RDAs - i) Beehive - This RDA is manufactured in six Silver Body colors and six Black Body colors. The Silver Body colors include Fantastic Rainbow, Dignity Black, Starry Blue, Mystery Purple, Ardour Red, and Jewel Green. The Black Body colors include Fantastic Rainbow, Dignity Black, Starry Blue, Mystery Purple, Ardour Red, and Jewel Green.

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