States are setting up restrictions on flavors and banning e-liquids. We are following the news and complying with restrictions. You will not be able to checkout if you have a product banned in your state.
We are really sorry for the inconvenience and will be fighting to get this fixed. More Info Click Here

About Slim's Ejuice - Slim's E-Liquid

     Slim's Ejuice was started as a love for the ecig industry. We can guarantee that our juice will be some of the best you have ever tasted. Things that need to be steeped are, and things that need to be made fresh are as well. We have mixed tens of thousands of bottles of juice, and have satisfied just as many customers. Our prices are low, because we cut the costs down dramatically. We buy flavors in 5 gallon drums, and bottles straight from the manufacturers. Our nicotine is pure 100mg USA made non diluted and of the highest quality. All of our ingredients are US food grade and inspected by the USDA. I don't use any overseas oils or extra additives in my juice.