What is Advken?

Shenzhen Advken Technology Co., Ltd, or Advken for short, originated in Shenzhen, China and specialized in mechanical atomizers, mechanical MODS, and other vapor products. The company has a professional team with experience, and they export their products to a variety of regions and countries worldwide, including Europe, America, etc. The products manufactured at Advken have a tremendous global reputation among the vape community.

Advken Products

Advken manufactures mods and atomizers for the vaping industry. Here is a list of their products and color variations of each:

Mods - i) CP Squonker - This mod is developed in Black color.

    ii) Dominator - This mod is produced in three colors that include Rainbow, Black, and Silver.

    iii) V3 Box - This mod is manufactured in three wooden colors that include Blue, Red, and Brown.

Tanks - i) Dominator - This tank is designed in three colors that include Rainbow, Stainless Steel, and Black. The tank is also designed to have either a 2ml or 4.5ml capacity.

RDA - i) Artha - This RDA is developed in two colors that include Gold and Black.

    ii) Breath - This RDA is produced in six colors that include Purple, Red, Black, PEI, Stainless Steel, and Green.

    iii) Gorge - This RDA is manufactured in four colors that include Blue, Purple, Red, and Black.

RTA - i) CP - This RTA is designed in three base colors, two dual colors, and one multi-color. The base colors include Silver, Gold, and Black. The dual colors include Blue/Silver and Black/Silver. The multi-color consists of Rainbow.

    ii) Manta - This RTA is developed in five colors that include Black, Gold, Silver, Blue, and Rainbow.

    iii) Manta MTL - This RTA is produced in five colors that include Rainbow, Gold, Black, Silver, and Blue.

RTDA - i) Mad Hatter - This RTDA is manufactured in two colors that include Stainless Steel and Black.

    ii) Ziggs - This RTDA is developed in six base colors and four splatter designs. The base colors include Silver, Red, Green, Gold, Blue, and Black. The splatter designs include Black Rainbow Splatter, Pink Rainbow Splatter, Blue Rainbow Splatter, and Purple Rainbow Splatter.

There are no products to list.