7 Daze MFG

What is 7 Daze MFG?

7 Daze MFG was established in 2014 in LA, California. The company devotes its time to elevate vaping experiences everywhere by having excellent engineers in vapor and air analytics along with food industry engineers that lead the industry. In 2016, the company released their product called ZOOR through garnering expertise in manufacturing, research, and design. ZOOR was developed to give consumers a different experience with the devices easy to use concept and its one-of-a-kind nicotine formulation. In 2017, 7 Daze MFG finished a new manufacturing facility in southern California that spans over 40,000 square feet. Their goal is setting a new vape industry standard.

The ZOOR Product

ZOOR is a closed system vaping device that eliminates needing to fill up your tank. This device features a sleek curve along with a comfort grip designed to fit in a consumers hand comfortably. This grip makes ZOOR the perfect device for carrying everywhere. The finish is soft-touch and silky but still offers a quality grip to prevent dropping. The four flavors the pods are developed in are Apple, a Green pod, Sweets, a Red pod, Mint Ice, a Light Blue pod, and Cake, a Yellow pod.

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