528 Customs

How was 528 Customs Established?

528 Customs began by wanting a type of tank that would be able to perform similarly to a dripper. This type of tank did not exist at the time, so they started to modify kayfuns to obtain a better performance. After experimenting with this, local vapers and shops wanted to buy their products. 528 Customs then decided to begin producing and then selling the modified tanks they created to consumers around the world. Through more modifying, 528 Customs was able to create a better version than each previous product. Demand started to increase to the point where the company decided to manufacture a tank of their own based on their vision and ideas. This was when their primary product was created, a Monster V2.

What kind of Products Does 528 Customs Have?

Many different parts and products are sold from 528 Customs. Some of their rebuildable parts include Low Profile Goon's, which come in stainless, matte gold, or matte black. Another is the 1.5V RDA Goon, which comes in gold, black, stainless steel, and rose gold. Their Drip Tips come in four different colors, which are black polished, red/black polished, rainbow polished, and green/blue polished. 528 Customs also has their apparel line.

528 Customs Replacement Parts

There is a variety of replacement parts 528 Customs have for consumers. There are LP Post Kits that are Goon Style, and also Gold Post Kits that are Goon V1 and come either 24mm or 22mm. The Insulator Kits, Goon V1, also come in either 24mm or 22mm. An Insulator Kit Goon V1.5 is the next version of the previous insulator. The next type of replacement parts they produce is Replacement Caps Goon V1, which come in copper, black, stainless, or black. The Replacement Caps Goon V1.5 come in black, stainless steel, gold, or rose gold. Then there are the Rescue Kits that come in 24mm or 22mm. Squonk Pins Goon V1.5 are also produced. A few other products they sell are Gold LP Rescue Kits, Allen Keys, Standard Drip Tips, and Replacement Tanks.

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