16oz (463ml) Bulk E-Juice

16oz (463ml) Bulk E-Juice 

This is the best option for resale. Save yourself lots of money by bottling the juice yourself. We sell you the ready to use E-Juice and you simply fill your own bottles and put your own label on them. We have the bottles for sale if you need them.

To order simply purchase this item and either attach a comment or email us directly after purchase with your flavor request and nicotine strengths. Any question msg Daniel branchd77@gmail.com

Benefits of Bulk E-Juice

  • No need to carry extra prebottled sizes. You can just bottle as you go and carry as many sizes as you want. Ex. 10s 15s 30s 50s etc.
  • You save money by cutting out most of our labor. You fill the bottles yourself rather than us do the work for you.
  • Easier to steep large bottles. Our bulk bottles are best steeped 3 days in a cool dark place uncovered before use.
  • Faster ship times. We can fill these orders faster and they come priority mail automatically free.
  • Save space.
  • Mix nicotines to get in between strengths. You don't need a ton of bottles. Get 3 for each flavor. 0, 12, and 24. Mix 0 and 12 50/50 to get 6. Mix 12 and 24 50/50 to get 18 etc. You can get away with only 2 strengths if you need more flavors without overbuying. You can mix 0 and 24 together to get 12 and then go from there.
  • Premium E-Juice at bargain prices. This is our top of the line E-Juice at great prices. Margins as high as 1000%.

Price breakdown. Examples. Green are best prices.

  • Buy 5 and get 30ml bottles of E-Juice for $3.87+ Bottle 
  • Buy 10 and get 30ml bottles of E-Juice for $3.25+ Bottle
  • Buy 25 and get 30ml bottles of E-Juice for $2.59+ Bottle
  • Buy 5 and get 10ml bottles of E-Juice for $1.29+ Bottle
  • Buy 10 and get 10ml bottles of E-Juice for $1.08+ Bottle
  • Buy 25 and get 10ml bottles of E-Juice for $0.86+ Bottle


  • Coupons cannot be used on bulk E-Juice or wholesale bottles.
  • You cannot label this juice as slims and sell online. It's ok to bottle as slims and sell in your retail store.
  • We cannot exchange unused E-Juice for other flavors. Please order samples or ask for our best seller list before making a large purchase.
  • We cannot break these bulk sizes bottles down into smaller size bottles for this price. If you need 10s or 30s please contact us directly.
  • Any other questions msg Daniel branchd77@gmail.com

Hi my name is Slim and I make the best E-Juice there is. I use the best quality ingredients and allow my products to steep. I have years of experience and I mix for all the local shops in my area. My juice is known as the best E-liquid in the world, I sell to several local stores. I use only high grade food approved ingredients to produce the best flavor and vapor you can find. I mix a 60/40 PG VG Blend. I can mix any nicotine strength between 0 and 36.

All flavors are custom mixed and made to order.  If you’d like a little something special, such as heavy flavor, light flavor, added menthol, sour, or whipped cream just include a note with your order.  If you don’t see a flavor combination on the menu that you’d like to order, simply order the base flavor and send note or email with what you’d like paired with it for no extra charge.  

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