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     If you are new to Slim's eJuice, congratulations! You will never need to find another source for all your e-Liquids again! We are e-liquid specialists here. Rest assured, Slim’s e-Juice makes every conceivable effort to manufacture high-grade, first class e-Liquid and deliver it to you as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Slim's e-Juice is an industry leader, producing topnotch, high quality, and exceptional e-Liquid at unbeatable prices. We go to great lengths to procure the highest quality liquids, using FDA-approved ingredients. Slim’s e-Juice employs only the finest and latest mixing techniques, operates in a sanitary and up-to-date facility, and institutes quality control measures to ensure that our products are safe, consistent, reliable and most importantly, delicious.  

Common E-Liquid Questions asked by our Customers

Where can I find a list of popular ejuice flavors?

     Here are our top selling flavors in order from best to worst. You have over 400 to choose from. All manufactured in house.

     Popular Ejuice Flavors

Do you have any unique E-liquid flavors?

     We have many standard flavors such as strawberry and apple but we also have over 100 unique in house blends that you won't find anywhere else. These are default sorted by bestsellers.

     Slim's Unique Signature Mixes

What are your vapor liquid prices?     

     Our base price starts at $9.50 for a 30ml and goes up from there. With a 40% off coupon you would get that eliquid at $5.70.

Here are some of our current prices or ejuice.

SizeAll Day Price40% Off Sale Price

What is the difference between vape juice, vapor juice, eliquid, ejuice, liquid vape, vapor juice,etc?

     Nothing, they are all the same thing. Generally speaking, most people refer to it as eliquid or ejuice but you will find a ton of terms that mean exactly the same thing. We sometimes use different terms to help people from search engines find our site. 

Where can I buy cheap vapor juice?

     There are many places where you can buy cheap vape juice. I would highly recommend that you purchase your eliquid from a reputable vendor who has been in business for a long time and specializes in making eliquid. Gas stations and convenience stores also sell cheap juice but they have been known to import it from other countries where regulations aren't as strict and impurities can be present in their juice. Added chemicals can alter the taste or possibly be unsafe. Here at Slim's Ejuice we are registered with the FDA and have regular inspections to make sure our products meet all current health requirements and are manufactured and a clean and safe way.

Can I buy E-juice online?

     Absolutely, there are many reputable companies that sell eliquids online. It is actually better to buy from a manufacturer such as Slims Ejuice online because we make the juice fresh and send it out the same day to you. Many shops and convenience stores that sell eliquid have it sitting on their shelves for months before you purchase it. This can lead to weaker nicotine and loss of flavor.

What is the best budget Ejuice you sell?

     The best way to get ejuice on a budget is to sign up for our mailing list and get the weekly coupon and when you get the coupon buy larger bottles and stock up. We regularly have our 8oz and larger bottles on sale for 40% off with a coupon and those can last for months for some people. If you don't see the coupon sign up form on the website contact us and we will get you added. You can also follow us on social media for regular coupons and updates on sales.

Where can I buy E-liquid online?

     Right here at Simply make an account and start shopping. We ship daily 5 days per week.

Can I get a discount on your Ejuice?

     Yes, sign up for our mailing list then check your emails regularly for coupons and sales up to 50% off our eliquids. We also have several social media options if you click the links on the top of this page to go to our social media profiles and follow us.

Do you allow customers to review your Ejuice?

     Yes, all of the reviews on our ejuice was done by real customers. After you purchase your liquids feel free to come back and let us and other customers know what you think. If you are wanting to review our juice on social media or youtube please use the contact us form and submit an email.

     At Slim's eJuice, our experienced and formally trained mixers work seven days a week to keep pace with the constantly increasing demand for our superior e-Liquid products. Our team of seasoned vaping veterans are constantly improving the quality of our products and formulating innovative and unique e-Juice recipes for your vaping enjoyment. We continually update and expand our inventory with new and exciting e-Liquid flavors and mixes that you will not find anywhere else online.

     You may choose one of the regular flavors available or try any of Slim’s Signature mixes by clicking on the menu at the top of the page. If none of our standard or signature flavors floats your boat, create your own. Slim’s e-Juice strives to please, providing our loyal patrons with lots of really great options for flavor and ingredients. Simply check out the variety of options available on our e-Juice order menu and you will know that the customer is always number one at Slim’s eJuice.

     If you are new to vaping or want to learn more about it, Slim’s eJuice also offers an eCig and Vaping informational blog with over a hundred articles written by our customers, for our customers. Join our Facebook page to keep up with our crazy specials, promotions, and giveaways and stay informed and educated about vaping; we post links on topics such as PG/VG ratios, nicotine suggestions, acidic flavor lists, and much more.

     As a fellow vaper, I've sampled the e-Juices offered by dozens of my competitors. On my mission to find the perfect e-Liquid blend at a reasonable price, I decided to formulate my very own brand of e-Liquid. Why are our prices so affordable? Because Slim’s e-Juice purchases all of our ingredients in bulk quantities at wholesale prices straight from the manufacturer, and we pass those savings on to our customers.

     At Slim’s eJuice the customer is number one and we love to hear from you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here . We also want to hear what you think of our eJuice, so contribute reviews on any of our standard or signature mixes by clicking on the “Reviews” tab on each product page. We look forward to serving all your vaping needs now and in the future. Vape On!


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